Is your child/teenager feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

Do they find it difficult to switch off and unwind?

Are they addicted to screens and social media?

Do they find their emotions difficult to manage?

Do they have low self-esteem or confidence?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the course for your child.

This generation no longer allows young people to ‘switch off.’ Home may not feel like a relaxing place as young people are socially connected at all times, day and night.

TV, social media, academic pressure and a general lack of resilience have all played their part in fuelling this problem, leaving young people vulnerable and prone to anxiety and ever increasing mental health problems.

Psychotherapists Emma Cohn and Michelle Mendoza provide wellbeing groups for young people aged 11+  to promote good mental health.

The sessions take place in Finchley and include meditation, mindfulness, and creative wellbeing exercises.

This five-week course aims to increase young people’s self-esteem, provide strategies to manage and limit electronics, help them relax and de stress, and feel more positive and happy.

For more information please contact Emma at

or Michelle at or by phone on 07958443612

Places are limited and there is a strict NO PHONE POLICY!

Psychotherapists: Emma Cohn, Michelle Mendoza

Maximum participants: 8 young people per group

Day: Saturdays 

Start date: January 13th

End date: February 10th

Age groups:

Years  7, 8 & 9 @ 10.30-12pm

Years 10, 11 & 12 @ 1.30-3pm

(Please do email us if you have a child who is not in the above age groups and would be interested in attending a wellbeing group, we will keep their details on file and contact you should we set up an age group that is suitable for your child).

Course length: 5 weeks
Cost per child: £100
Location: Finchley

Please note that once you have booked and paid you will be sent a confirmation email with the address. We cannot reserve any places.