Family breakdown can have a significant impact on a child, adversely affecting their behaviour, performance at school, self esteem, current relationships and how they engage with others in the future.

How well or how badly children go through the breakdown of their family depends on what kind of support they receive from those around them.

We believe that it is crucial for children to be able to access support and have the space to communicate some of their worries and concerns.

a kidspace is a unique programme that supports children and young people through their parents separation. Sessions comprise of play based and creative therapeutic intervention and provide a ‘safe’ and conditionally confidential space for the child/young person to work through their feelings and express the impact the separation of their family is having on them.

At a kidspace we focus on helping children and young people understand their feelings and learn how to manage them as well as help children cope, and adjust to the changes in their family. We believe that sessions help children and young people to have their own space to reflect on the changes in their family,  as well as enhance their emotional intelligence and allow them to emerge more resilient, self reliant and therefore more able to cope with life’s stresses.

Please see testimonials from parents as they give an honest indication of the benefits of children attending a kidspace.

a kidspace is a social enterprise which means we exist to tackle social problems and improve children’s lives.  The founders are driven by a passion and sense of purpose to help children and are members of Social Enterprise London.

We are very fortunate to be a friend of and supported by Family Law In Partnership.



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