Research has indicated that 50% of children will not be living with both their parents by the time they are 16 years old.

Findings by the NSPCC reveal that only around 10% of these children will find someone to talk to about their own difficulties.

Our Vision

In order to achieve our vision of giving access to every child in the UK who needs the support of a kidspace, we are seeking to bring the programme to the attention of professionals who work with children and young people all over the UK. We believe that we can reach out to more children and young people if we train services to deliver more support for children affected by the breakdown of their family.

a kidspace training explores;

  • The effects of family breakdown on children
  • What children may need in order to adjust to family breakdown
  • Theories and how they relate to family breakdown
  • How to support children who are experiencing family breakdown.

The course also prepares the practitioner to facilitate and support children who are affected by the breakdown of their family.  Learners will also receive a comprehensive manual that will incorporate all aspects of setting up and running groups.

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